Aviall.com 3/11/2017 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (1233) has been released to production as of 3/11/2017. This build's highlights include; revised login process, Google Translate, updated credit card interface, and various bug fixes.


  • Users can translate Aviall.com using the Language_Button.jpg button located at the top of the website.


Credit Card Interface:

  • Addition of bill-to address fields to allow users to add credit cards with a different bill-to than the one tied to their Aviall account.


  • The login modal (popup) has been removed and replaced by an independent login page. Improving user experience and performance. Mobile device users will benefit from this improved workflow.
  • Simplification of the multi-account selection modal.

Freight Methods:

  • Alignment of freight methods for each branch location. For example, US branches with show US methods. This will reduce confusion and possible delivery delays.


  • Minor adjustments have been made to error messages for a consistent experience.
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