Aviall.com 4/1/2017 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (1248) has been released to production as of 4/1/2017. This build's highlights include; multi-account quick switch, corrected freight account selection behavior in Checkout, enhanced product content, and various other fixes.

Multi-Account Switching:

  • Users who have access to multiple accounts can quickly switch between accounts by clicking the Account_Switch_Icon.jpg icon at the top of the page.


  • Corrected behavior that prevented the "Bill shipping to freight account" selection from populating in Checkout.


  • Corrected tab order of Select/Add Credit Card fields.
  • Corrected behavior that prevented some users from placing orders using Aviall Terms when an expired credit card existed in their profile.

Product Content:

  • Added support for multiple product images.
  • Added support for EAN & UPC product information and search.
  • Corrected product dimensions field. Dimensions are now displayed in the standard Length x Width x Height format.


  • Corrected product subcategory navigation. Products will now display the correct subcategory in the search page's facets.
  • Users will no longer be redirected back to the homepage when logging in. When logging in you will now stay on the same page after submitting your login credentials.
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