Aviall.com 4/22/2017 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (1261) has been released to production as of 4/22/2017. This build's highlights include; updated backorder behavior, click optimization, UI and various other fixes.


  • When a user's assigned branch is out of stock the line item will now default to ship-from the Dallas warehouse. Users still have the option to place the backorder against their local branch if they wish.

Click Optimization:

  • The mini-cart now only displays the item most recently added item shopping cart. To view all parts in the Shopping Cart please select "View Cart" or click on the  icon. 

  • The Shipping Options modal has been removed and Shipping Options are now available directly on the Checkout page.

  • Ship Date options are now found under the Item Summary. By default the ship date will be set to the present date. However, users have the option to ship the entire order on a future date by selecting the Ship Date at the top of the Item Summary. If individual lines require different ship dates then those dates can be selected per line.

Order History:

  • Downloading order history to CSV or PDF now correctly downloads the current page the user is viewing.


  • Corrected ultimate consignee zip code field so it no longer displays for countries that don't require zip codes.
  • Selected credit card will now be retained when the user navigates away from the Checkout page and adds more parts to their shopping cart.
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