Aviall.com 9/23/2017 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build has been released to production as of 9/23/2017. This build's highlights include; product data corrections, content enhancements, search enhancements and various other fixes.


  • Search queries containing special characters now return the expected results.
    • Special characters include: / : ; , . & $ # < > { } [ ] \ + ( ) % @ ! ~ 


  • Order, quote & invoice details pages now open in a new tab so users retain their search queries in the original tab.
  • Corrected address display issue. User will now see all address lines in the Change Shipping Address window in Checkout.
  • Ability to display global alerts banner at top of site to notify customers of branch closures, tech & weather alerts, etc.
  • Corrected hover text of AOC icon AOC_Icon.jpg to make it uniform across all pages.
  • Addition of Days Remaining to shelf-life slider.


Product Data:

  • Corrected issue preventing hazmat icon Haz_Icon.jpg from displaying for hazmat items.
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