Aviall.com 10/21/2017 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build has been released to production as of 10/21/2017. This build's highlights include; search & multi-line order enhancements, interface changes, and various other fixes.


  • Addition of Previously Purchased filter to restrict your search results to only show items you've purchased in the past.


Revised Product Detail Page:

  • Addition of Aviall part number to product detail pages.
  • Addition of manufacturer part number to product detail pages.
    • Note: Manufacturer part number not available on all products.


Multi-line Order:

  • Superseded parts will automatically be replaced with most recent part.
  • Items with minimum order quantities will automatically be adjusted to meet the minimum order quantity.
  • Added ability to remove multiple lines at one time.
  • All lines can now be updated and resolved at one time without the page refreshing unnecessarily.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected issue preventing some users from adding credit cards to their profile.
  • Corrected issue preventing some users from checking out with the 8130-3 selected.

Misc Changes:

  • For accounts with shelf-life override capability:
    • Changed "Days Remaining" to state "No Requirement" when No SLR is selected. 
  • Corrected issue with 8130-3 selection in the Checkout page.


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