Aviall.com 10/17/2015 Build Release Notes

Multi-Line Order (MO) Enhancements

Resolve all button solution added

  • ALL items quantities will be increased to the next case quantity or minimum quantity requirement.
  • ALL superseded parts will be replaced with the newer part. For example, 10001889-007 will be updated to 10001889-008.

Sequencing issues resolved

  • MO will now list the parts in the same order as entered.
  • Note: If parts are not found and/or removed during the “Resolve Issues” step the proceeding parts will move up in the list to fill in the line number gap.

Entry screen updates

  • Tab sequence fixed, correctly moves between Part Number field, Qty Field, and then to next line Part Number field.
  • Add more button issues resolved and improved.
  • Resolved some issues with superseded parts displaying incorrectly in MO
  • Resolved issue where after adding all parts to cart user would stay in MO final step with no parts in MO.

Ship To “Nick Names” Fix

  • Resolved issue where “_copy_#####” was being appended to ship to nick names.Data clean up to remove currently effected nick names will occur in future.In the meantime, if customers need to clean up the nick names they can remove the extra “_copy_” characters and save the ship to changes.

Approve / Reject Pending Registrations Fix

  • Approve and Reject button now working properly.

Marquee Banners on Home Page Update

  • Banners are now completely clickable and easier to use.

“MyBoeingFleet.com” Wording Change

  • URL displayed on search results and faceted browse for "Boeing.com" changed to "MyBoeingFleet.com"
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