Aviall.com 1/9/2016 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (521) has been released to production as of 1/9/2015. This build includes a significant amount of changes since the last build. Highlights include; an overhaul of the ship to address interface in checkout, the ability to properly back-order items and set future ship dates, important data and integration fixes, and various user experience improvements. Specific change details can be seen below.

Multi-line Order:

  • Multi-line order validation to remove white spaces where appropriate. Users will see corrected line counts while ordering via Multi-line Order.
  • Introduced Multi-line order processing wheel. A more user-friendly icon has been added to indicate the feature is processing.
  • Add a Product functionality and calculations adjustments. Users can now add a product already in list and like products will merge correctly.
  • Improvements to Multi-line order functionality with clearance items.

User Interface:


  • Changes have been made to the mini-cart fly-out to correct currency inconsistencies. Users will see correct currency on the Product Detail Page and in the Cart View.


  • Adjustments made to the AOC, Add On Charges, icon color. The AOC icon color is now easier to see with white font on a black background.
  • Search functionality updated to remove any unexpected Syntax error messages. Users will not see unexpected Syntax error messages while searching.
  • Closed Branch status messages. When displaying Stock-on-Hand for various branches, if a branch is temporarily closed, Users will see a message of "Offline".
  • Supersede functionality on the Product Detail Page. Users will now be able to correctly add superseded items to cart from the product detail page.
  • Request Price button to enforce the minimum order quantities rules. Users will now see dropped lines when using the Request Price button due to the enforcement of minimum order quantity rules.
  • Search functionality to include List Price. Users will see the List Price displayed during searched if allowed at an account level.
  • Checkout Page to show the default email address. Users will now see the user's default contact email address on the checkout page. This email address will always get order confirmation and shipment notification email.

Order History:

  • Order History user interface changes to the verbiage and spacing. Users will see evenly spaced verbiage for a more appealing view.

Browser Support:

  • Browser check functionality adjusted to ignore specific iOS devices. Users will no longer see the browser support warning when using latest versions of Safari for iOS devices.

Data Fixes:

  • Product data updates to correct any inconsistencies and error messages the user may receive. Users should no longer see error messages due to missing or incorrect product master data.
  • Changes have been made to required permissions in newly created accounts via Integration of data. Newly created users and account should no longer see corresponding permission errors during checkout.


  • Checkout functionality to allow users to back-order additional quantities from specific branches. Checkout functionality now allows back-ordering additional quantities from specific branches.
  • Overhaul of ship-to address selection functionality to include removing unnecessary links, setting of default ship-to profiles, improved workflow, and layout. Users will see a redesigned page with a user-friendly ship-to functionality during checkout.
  • Changes have been made to order functionality to include a future ship date on items listed as "Backordered". Users can now add a future ship date to back-order line items.
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