Aviall.com 3/5/2016 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (909) has been released to production as of 3/5/2016. This build includes a significant amount of changes since the last build. Highlights include; an overhaul of the registration notification process, order history and search performance improvements, & various fixes for multi-line order, user interface, etc. Specific change details can be seen below.

Customer Registration:

  • Email notifications to sales upon a customer submitting a registration request have been improved. Future registration improvements to come.
  • Inactive regions no longer display on registration page.

Order History:

  • Order history performance improvements, load time should be significantly quicker. Additional optimization to come in subsequent builds.
  • Search filters now also expanded and visible.
  • Default search criteria preset to open orders within last 14 days.
  • Orders can now be found by invoice number.
  • Additional enhancements have been made to reduce page load times.
  • In-process items should now be displayed in order details.
  • User should see all order, no matter the source, being displayed in results.

Multi-line Order:

  • Multi-line order now retains correct line sequencing. 
  • Friendlier error handling messages.
  • Corrections made to fix conflicting clearance status.


  • Order confirmations and order details will now display line level freight method(s).
  • Fixed "Add to Cart" link validation from Saved Lists
  • Issue fixed where requested ship date were resetting after changing quantity of line items.
  • "Print Quote" button now remains after adding all items to cart from a quote.


  • Relevancy logic has been improve. Additional improvements to follow.
  • Fixes made to pagination to avoid errors.


  • Enhanced integration to make ePubs more accessible to users.
  • Unsupported browser banner now includes a link to ePubs for users with deprecated browsers.
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