How do I setup my ship-to profile(s)?

You will need to setup ship-to profiles in order to see the ship-to addresses tied to your account. Without a ship-to profile the ship-to address will not display, or be selectable, during checkout.

To setup a ship-to profile hover over My Account and select Ship-To Profile:

Click on Select Ship-To to open the Add Ship-To window:

Under the Select Shipping Address field you will find a list of all ship-to addresses associated with your account.

Click the address you wish to setup a profile for. The selected address will populate under the Selected Address field, give the profile a Nickname.

  • Don't see the Ship-To address you're looking for? Push Ctrl+F on you keyboard to search your list of addresses.

Your Shipping Preferences for this profile can also be setup at this time. This allows you to set Standard Shipping Methods for hazmat and non-hazmat items & select your freight billing method.

  • Invoice will add the freight charge to your order invoice.
  • Freight Account will charge the freight to your freight account.

  • If you want to bill freight to your freight account select Freight Account under Shipping Preferences.

  • Don't see your freight account? Please call your Aviall sales representative to have your freight account added.

Under the Select Shipping Address field you will find options for 8130 Address, Email Notifications, Default Ship-To & Include at checkout.

  • If required, you can specify a separate address for an 8130 by checking the Add New Address radio button under 8130 Address

  • The Email Notifications field allows you to specify which email address(s) will receive Order Confirmations and/or Shipping Notifications.

  • The profile can be set as your default by selecting Default Ship-To, you can have one default ship-to profile set at a time. If set as Default this profile will also be defaulted to during checkout.
  • Include at checkout will allow you see the profile during checkout.

Click Save to save your ship-to profile.

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