How do I setup my ship-to profile(s)?

You will need to setup ship-to profiles in order to see the ship-to addresses tied to your account. Without a ship-to profile the ship-to address will not display, or be accessible, during checkout.

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To setup a ship-to profile go to My Account and select Ship-To Profile:

Click on Select Ship-To:

Under the Select Shipping Address field you will find a list of all ship-to addresses associated with your account.

Click the address you wish to setup a profile for. The selected address will populate under the Selected Address field, give the profile a Nickname.

Default freight methods and payment types can be selected in the Shipping Preference section.

  • Don't see the Ship-To address you're looking for? Push Ctrl+F on you keyboard to search your list of addresses.


Under the Select Shipping Address field you will find options for 8130 Address, Email Notifications, Default Ship-To & Include at checkout.

  • If required, you can specify a separate address for an 8130 by checking the Add New Address radio button under 8130 Address

  • The Email Notifications field allows you to specify which email address(s) will receive Order Confirmations and/or Shipping Notifications.

  • The profile can be set as your default by selecting Default Ship-To, you can have one default ship-to profile set at a time. If set as Default this profile will also be defaulted to during checkout.
  • Include at checkout will allow you see the profile during checkout.

Click Save to save your ship-to profile.

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