Known Compatibility Issue with Chrome version 50.0.2661.87

Update: Issue has been resolved with 4/30 build. If you are still experiencing the issue please type pressing CTRL + F5 to bust your browsers cache and try again.

Chrome version 50.0.2661.87 introduced a bug to the auto-fill functionality on Users may experience an issue with their email address/user ID populating both the "Email Address'" and "Password" field, see example below. Upon removing the email address from the "Password" field the user will not be able to login, even when inputting the correct password. Our development team is aware of the issue and working on a permanent solution, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Temporary SolutionDo not select your user ID from the auto-fill list that populates when clicking in the "Email Address" field. Instead, please manually type in your user ID in the "Email Address" field. 

Example of Issue:

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