Aviall.com 5/14/2016 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (2472) has been released to production as of 5/14/2016. This build includes a significant amount of changes since the last build including a large platform upgrade. Highlights include; stability and performance improvements, corrected multi-line order behavior, corrected checkout behavior with clearance items, & various improvements to the search and product detail interfaces.

General Fixes:

  • Issues resolved involving users getting logged out during website use.
  • Addressed various user-interface changes.

Platform Upgrade:

  • Stability & performance improvements
  • Reduction application errors
  • Additional functionality enhancements to provide better experience to customers.


  • Images are properly displaying in checkout (as well as any other HTTPS pages)
  • Resolved an issue which was not allowing users to change shipping options when a clearance item was included in their cart.


  • Addressed issue with quote expiration.

Order History:

  • Line item status properly displaying in order history for "Ready" items.
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