Aviall.com 6/18/2016 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (2666) has been released to production as of 6/18/2016. This build's highlights include; multiple interface improvements & various improvements to site and search performance.


  • Site performance & page load speeds while logged in have been greatly improved.
  • Delays while logging into website reduced.

Order History:

  • Redesign of Order History search functionality to increase performance. Specific searchable criteria fields have been broken out to facilitate this.
  • Corrected order history behavior for users with multiple accounts. 


  • "Ready to Ship" link changed to be more visible and clear.

                  Old:                New:

  • Corrected alignment issue with manufacturers in facets.
  • Corrected alignment issue with pagination overlay.
  • Product detail pages no longer display duplicate product descriptions.
  • No longer displaying red or blue border on Aviall logo when clicked.

Multi-Line Order:

  • Users can now remove parts from their finalized parts list.


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