How do I use Modify Order

Users with access to the order modify function will find their modifiable orders in Order History. If you'd like access to this feature please contact your local sales representative or branch for eligibility.

  • Editable orders are designated with  under the order number.

To edit the order click on the order's date under the "Order Date" column, this will being up the order's details. You'll find editable lines items are under "Edit Order". 

To modify the ship quantity of a line item enter the desired quantity in the Quantity field.

  • Note: Quantities can only be increased, not decreased.

To modify the ship date of a line item click on the  icon to open the calendar and select the desired date.

  • Note: Ship dates can not be moved within the manufacture's lead time as stated on the product's detail page.

Once the line item had been edited click the  button to save your changes.

  • When the line has item has been updated you'll be prompted: 


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