Aviall.com 11/5/2016 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build (2973) has been released to production as of 11/5/2016. This build's highlights include; various improvements to site performance, user interface and user experience.


International Orders:

  • Placing orders with a foreign bill-to address and domestic ship-to and ship-from will now process as intended and no longer prompt an error.

Order History:

  • Addressed various issues to allow status updates, scheduled dates, and order information to displaying properly for specific customer.

Free Freight:

  • Checkout page will no longer default to the free freight method on qualified orders. Instead, the user will default to the freight method(s) specified in their ship-to profile. If no freight method is specified in the ship-to profile the user will be defaulted to "None selected".

If you need assistance setting up your ship-to profiles please review this help article.


  • Users with ePubs access, and have the role of "Manage", can now modify ePubs access for users on their account. This is only applicable to those accounts with ePubs access.

User Experience:

  • Corrected core system integration so deleted ship-to addresses are now also removed on Aviall.com. 


  • Technical recommended fixes to reduce errors for customers and increase performance.
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