Aviall.com 6/15/2019 Build Release Notes

A new Aviall.com build has been released to production as of 6/15/2019. This build's highlights include; enhancements to LTL products and carriers, default warehouse selector, and minor interface updates.

LTL Routes and Materials:

  • Users will now see an icon mceclip0.png to indicate which products can only be shipped via LTL carriers.
  • When the shopping cart contains a product that can only be shipped via LTL, the list of available carriers will be restricted to only show LTL approved carriers.


Default Warehouse:

  • Users can now select their preferred default warehouse in the header of Aviall.com.
  • Changing the default will show availability based on that location in search, product detail pages, and multi-line order.
  • Changing your default warehouse will result in any items added to cart to ship-from that location.


Interface Updates:

  • Quote button in shopping cart has been made larger and moved under the Checkout button.


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